Making Sense of Quotes

You get what you pay for. A cheaper price does not mean you are getting a good value. The best value comes from a combination of quality, service, price, and confidence.

Don’t be fooled by a low price-per-square-foot advertisement. Rock Solid Granite Co is committed to providing simple, clear, and detailed cost estimates. We do not use any bait-and-switch tactics or leave any probable costs undisclosed. We offer top-ranked quality and personalized service at a fair price.

Less scrupulous companies advertise an artificially low cost for per square foot price to get people hooked, and then their extra charges aren’t disclosed until the project is being finalized. Such extras may include:

  • extra charges for estimates, templates or fuel surcharges
  • charges for sink or cooktop cutouts and faucets holes
  • charges for sealing the stone
  • charges for smoothing the underside of the front edge
  • charges for adding reinforcement to cutout locations
  • charges for firm installation dates

The bottom line – only a complete and itemized estimate for your particular kitchen or project can be used for genuine cost comparisons.

Stone & Fabrication Quality

To save costs, many fabricators will cut straight runs across the slab to ensure they get as much material as they can from every slab. It’s also common for lower end fabricators to use stones from different lots (stones that came from different parts of a quarry or completely different quarries) or to use B grade stones that are lower quality.  This saves the fabricator money on material, but leaves the customer with unnecessary seams and often, a top that has an inconsistent pattern or noticeable color variations.

At Rock Solid Granite Co, we take the time to create the best layout for your project with minimal seams and consistent directional patterns. We use only 1st quality stones and we ensure that your material comes from the same lot and that slabs are sequential whenever possible. We customize your layout to ensure quality, not our best profit.

For granite with large patterns/veins, we invite the customer to participate in the layout process, so they can make choices on how the slabs are cut and positioned in the project so that their favorite parts of the slabs can be captured. For many other companies you don’t even get to see the slabs before they are cut, and have no input on how the pieces are cut and the number and position of seams.

Our fabrication and installation is done according to and often above industry standards in house, by our employees. No portion of your project will be done by subcontractors. To keep prices low, other companies commonly use under-paid subcontractors who are forced to cut corners to show a profit.

Sub-standard practices often used by other companies include:

  • no reinforcement at cutouts
  • use of the wrong adhesives or missing mechanical support for under mount sinks
  • inadequate support for large high-bars
  • excessive and unsupported overhangs
  • extra seams, diagonal corner seams or seams over dishwashers
  • poorly polished edges (probably dry-polished versus wet polished)
  • lippage at seams and inadequately bonded seams
  • use of cheap sealers that need to be applied annually.

Sealer and Warranty

To ensure worry free maintenance of your natural stone counter tops, we use a Ultra Premium Stone impregnating sealer. This sealer penetrates deep into the pore structure of the stone and it’s sealing molecules bond permanently by chemical reactions, which create a substantial, deep oil and water-repellent barrier. This sealer is good for 15 years.

Rock Solid Granite Co is so confident in our work that we offer a 5 year warranty on our installation.

Our Employees

All of our employees are thoroughly background-checked before employment and all are US citizens or legal residents. Our employees are all are paid fair wages and overtime in accordance with State and Federal regulations.


We carry $2,000,000 liability coverage and all our employees are protected by Workers Compensation Insurance. Many other fabricators do not carry any insurance.

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