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Nothing rivals the beauty and appeal of marble kitchen countertops in your West Michigan home. Not only do they look rich and handsome, with beautiful colors and veining, they are ideal for cooking and baking.

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Marble countertops come in an endless variety of colors that can include white, black, green, gray, blue, gold, red, even pink,and more. They have a richness and character to them that is truly unequaled by other stone, especially with their eye-catching veining. Marbles are much softer and more porous than granite or quartz materials and therefore more susceptible to staining, scratching and chipping. They will quickly patina and give you an old world look that can’t be duplicated in engineered materials.

Carrara marble, from Tuscany, is the most popular choice thanks to its richness and colors, and is also the least expensive of the marbles available. But in many homes you’ll find countertops made from other marbles. Statuary, also from the Tuscany region, has a more translucent, glossier finish. Italian Calacatta is rare and more expensive, with its characteristic gold veins. Crema Marfil is from Spain and comes in more neutral colors ranging from beige to yellow and works very well with darker colored cabinetry.

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Marble is much softer and more porous than granite or quartz materials and therefore more susceptible to staining, scratching, and chipping. Any acidic substances that come in contact with marble (such as mustard, vinegar, citrus juice, toothpaste, mouthwash, hairspray, contact solutions, cleaners, etc.) can cause a chemical reaction that can etch and remove the polish of the marble. Marbles are a great option for someone who wants that old world look and if not fussy about the shine on their tops. 

  • Your new countertops can simply be cleaned with warm soapy water or any PH balanced cleaner and a soft sponge or cloth. No material (including quartz) is completely stain proof, so spills should be wiped up right away. Avoid using acidic cleaners that contain vinegar, lemon juice, bleach or ammonia. Avoid abrasive brushes, sponges, or dry cleansers. Rock Solid Granite Co seals all natural stones with a penetrating sealer to prevent staining. Your sealer will last 10+ years if you are using the right cleaners. 
  • Granite and quartz are both very hard materials which make them resistant to scratching. However, to avoid damage, refrain from using knives, screw drivers and other sharp objects directly on the surface. It’s best not to cut or chop directly on the surface. Never cut on marble, dolomite, or soapstone. 
  • All materials can chip or crack (even quartz) so take care in your kitchen, especially with heavy items in your sink.
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