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Soapstone is a naturally occurring stone that offers beauty and versatility for your West Michigan home’s kitchen countertops. You can enjoy the natural soft gray or treat it with mineral oil for a darker, richer color.

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Soapstone is a softer, natural stone with an unrefined charm that has gray and black tones and can have hints of greens and blue undertones. It’s a very popular option for kitchens due to its natural beauty. It can be left as is or treated with mineral oil which can enhance the movement and deepen the color to a darker, richer tone. Soapstone countertops are very soft and will scratch very easily. If a patina look is desired you’ll love this material. If not, just sand out scratches and treat with mineral oil and you’ll be back in business!

Caring for your

Soapstone Countertops

To clean and prep your new soapstone countertop, wait about 24 hours for dust residue to settle, then use a clean rag and some mineral oil.

Since your soapstone countertop is non-porous, all you need to clean it on a daily basis is a sponge and some soapy water.

If you have stubborn food residue that resists simple soap and water, you can use a mild abrasive cleanser as it will not hurt the stone.

If you plan on coating your new soapstone countertop with mineral oil to seal and darken the color, you don’t need any special type of oil. Pick some up at any hardware store, or even a pharmacy.

To remove small scratches in our soapstone countertop, use a rag and mineral oil. For larger scratches, just rub a piece of 60- or 80-grit sandpaper over the area.

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